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E.g., 10 Dec 2018
29 Apr 2015

This document records the HRB’s Centre for Health and Diet Research (HRB CHDR) commitment to an Open Access policy and outlines how it implements that policy.

HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research

The HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research is a leading research hub in public health nutrition that focuses on promoting the health and wellbeing of the Irish population.  Its purpose is to inform public policy, health promotion, clinical practice and citizens on the prevention and...

3 Mar 2011



To explore whether distance to and density of food outlets within the local area have an impact on individual dietary quality, controlling for the socioeconomic characteristics of individuals and their households.


 An analysis of the Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland (SLÁN), a two-stage clustered sample of 10 364 individuals aged 18+ from the Republic of Ireland. Socioeconomic status was measured using net household...

15 Oct 2010

Dietary salt intakes greatly exceed nutritional requirements in almost all populations worldwide. High salt intake is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and a number of other conditions. Internationally there is now scientific and policy consensus on the need to decrease dietary salt intake in order to reduce the burden of suffering and death. During the past decade governments and statutory agencies worldwide have set targets for reductions in salt intake in their pop...

1 Jun 2010

his is the Third Annual Report of the National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Audit. The Audit aims to describe the provision of mastectomy and breast reconstruction services across England, and investigate the determinants and outcomes of care for women with breast cancer having a mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction.

10 May 2010

The HSE Midland Diabetes Structured Care Programme is a primary care based programme dedicated to improving the quality of care for patients with diabetes. The HSE Midland area encompasses the counties of Longford, Westmeath, Laois and Offaly. The programme was established in 1997/1998 through a partnership between a number of General Practitioners (GP’s) with an interest in diabetes and the Department of Public Health and Planning in the then Midland Health Board. Recently, a Consultant Endo...

2 Feb 2009

This report presents the main findings on alcohol consumption among Irish adults from the 2007 Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition (SLÁN 2007) in Ireland. It expands on the results presented in the SLÁN 2007: Main Report (Morgan et al, 2008), presenting the findings on alcohol use in detail and providing European comparison data where possible. Different patterns of alcohol use are highlighted. The importance of the SLÁN findings for policy and practice are also considered. The SLÁN...

2 Feb 2009


 The aim of this report is to provide a profile of lifestyles, health attitudes and behaviours, together with activities that promote or damage health, in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Regular monitoring of the population in these regions provides essential information for planning and policy regarding population health. Comparisons of present and previous study findings in a given population, and of findings in complementary settings, contribute significan...

4 Feb 2008

This is the third national Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition (SLÁN) in Ireland, conducted in 2007 using face-to-face interviews with adults aged 18 years or over, interviewed at home addresses.

SLÁN 2007 follows on from two previous surveys using postal questionnaires – in 1998, involving 6,539 respondents with a 62% response rate, and in 2002, involving 5,992 respondents with a 53% response rate.

The SLÁN 2007 main survey involved 10,364 respondents (62% response rat...

4 Feb 2008

The third national Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition (SLÁN) was conducted in 2007, following previous surveys in 1998 and 2002. The 2007 SLÁN survey involved a nationally representative sample of 10,364 respondents (62% response rate), of whom 9,223 (89%) completed a standard Willett Food Frequency Questionnaire adapted for use in the Irish population. The survey included additional anthropometric and other physical examination data from two sub-samples: 967 younger adults aged 18-...

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