WP6 – Knowledge transfer and dissemination

Over the past 5 years the CHDR has developed a coherent and increasingly effective knowledge transfer strategy, largely through leverage of the extensive capacity in this area developed by the Institute for Public Health in Ireland. However, knowledge transfer remains a significant ongoing challenge for the CHDR as for most research groups in public health and biomedical science.

The Centre will continue to disseminate its research finding through peer reviewed publications and presentations at academic conferences. However, to achieve impact on the Irish population’s health and wellbeing, findings need to be communicated to non-academic audiences including policy makers and practitioners. Processes and mechanisms need also to be put in place to ensure that findings contribute to improved public health policy and practice.

Knowledge transfer and dissemination activities that characterised the first phase of the Centre’s life will be strengthened and formalised through the development of a  formal Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Strategy whose implementation will be overseen by a Steering Group reporting to the Centre’s Strategic Advisory Group.


The aim of the Centre’s Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Strategy will be to maximise the Centre’s impact on population health and wellbeing by ensuring its research findings play a key role in health-related decisions of policy makers and practitioners.


The Centre’s Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Strategy will:

  • Place policy and practice at its centre 
  • Address knowledge dissemination (creating awareness and access) and implementation (influencing policy and practice)
  • Support collaboration with other key actors  to build the conditions for knowledge transfer to occur
  • Monitor the impact of the Centre’s knowledge transfer and dissemination activities
  • Continue to draw on contemporary international models for knowledge transfer 

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