WP1 – Disease burden and population health modelling

Principal Investigators

Dr Zubair Kabir, Professor Kevin Balanda and Prof Ivan Perry, Prof Cecily Kelleher.


This WP will consolidate the ongoing work addressing the prevalence and incidence of obesity, diabetes, CVD and other obesity related conditions (including cancer). The work will draw on the outputs from the other work packages and it will include analyses of trends over time and projected future disease burden and costs. WP-1 will seek to leveraging for Ireland the resources and infrastructure provided by the international 2010 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) research programme.

Overarching aim

To model current and future burden of chronic diseases (including cancer) and trends in underlying risk factors with particular reference to the burden of disease attributable to modifiable lifestyle  factors related to diet and physical activity  in terms of both measurable health outcomes and economic impact.


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