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E.g., 17 Jan 2019
E.g., 17 Jan 2019

‘Food choice’ researchers debate

‘Food choice’ researchers debate what factors underpin the food choices we make

On the 24th April 2013, a workshop was held in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. In this workshop which was jointly hosted by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, the HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research (UCC/UCD) and the Centre of Excellence for Public Health Northern Ireland (Queens University Belfast – QUB), Dr Alberto Longo from QUB and Dr Mary McCarthy from UCC explored individual food choices...

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Walkability of urban communities

How do we increase the walkability of our towns and cities?


Walkability of urban communities was the focus of the recent joint workshop from IPH, HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research (UCC) and the Centre of Excellence for Public Health (NI) undertaken as part of a joint work programme under the banner of the Health Well’s Obesity Hub.  The workshop was held in UCC on June 10th and looked to explore how recent research in the North and South of Ireland can support national p...

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Research Update - 25% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable

One in four deaths from coronary heart disease (CHD) or stroke could be prevented each year, according to new evidence from the Health Research Board Centre for Diet and Health. Such an outcome requires everyone in Ireland to cut their salt, trans fat and saturated fat intake and eat three more portions of fruit and veg per day.

UCC’s Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, Ivan Perry, who is Head of the HRB Centre for Diet and Health says that 'there are significant opportunities...

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Cautious optimism as Irish childhood obesity rates plateau

Janas Harrington is a lecturer at University College Cork with an interest nutritional epidemiology and public health nutrition and Eimear Keane is a PhD student at the department of epidemiology and public health at University College Cork with a focus on trends and determinants of  childhood obesity.

Both are co-authors on a research article published in BMC Public Health that has found that although childhood obesity rates remain high in Ireland, there is evidence that they have sta...

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