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E.g., 17 Jan 2019
E.g., 17 Jan 2019

Poster Presentation Prize

Congratulations to Mr Sean Millar who won a poster prize at the 20th IEA World Congress of Epidemiology Conference entitled ‘Global Epidemiology in a Changing Environment: The Circumpolar Perspective’ which took place in Anchorage, Alaska on August 16-21st. Mr. Millar won the prize for his poster entitled ‘Optimal Waist Circumference Measurement Site for Assessing Metabolic and type 2 Diabetes Risk in Middle-Aged Adults’ which had been shortlisted out of over 300 entries as one to be judged f...

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UCC Staff Recognition Awards

In October, UCC honoured staff members for their outstanding contributions to University life at a ceremony in the Aula Maxima. The Awards Ceremony combined presentations and accolades to winners from three separate award schemes: Teaching & Learning; Staff Recognition; and Research. Our warm congratulations are offered to Prof Ivan Perry who received an Impact Award for his exemplary leadership, strategic vision and groundbreaking contribution in the field of public health medicine, both...

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World Health Organization (WHO) Belfast Healthy City Awards 2014

Following the significant interest in and success of the Belfast Healthy City 25th Anniversary Awards in 2013, this year three Award Categories will be presented in recognition of excellence in addressing a WHO Core theme. 

Healthy Places          Promoting Health Equity Healthy Living

The awards were presented at the Reuniting Planning and Health Conference in November 2014 by Gabriel Scally, WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments and Honorary Chair of the awards judg...

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UCC pilots alcohol-free accommodation

In a move that has sparked nationwide media coverage, UCC Health Matters and UCC Campus Accommodation are to offer alcohol-free apartments to students under a pilot scheme.

Students attending UCC in the new academic year 2013/14 will have the opportunity to choose alcohol-free accommodation for the first time. The move was widely reported across print, broadcast and online media outlets - a round-up of the news stories, bulletins, radio and TV interviews, Tweets and Facebook posts can...

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Module tackles diabetes in primary care

UCC and NUIG have joined forces to offer a “Diabetes in Primary Care” module to GPs all over the country via ‘blended learning’.

The module comprises 12 weeks of online distance learning plus two study days in either UCC or NUIG.

NUIG have been offering the module annually since 2006. UCC, with the support of Novartis, Sanofi Aventis and Eli Lilly, has delivered the module four times since 2011. Demand is ongoing, with 73 GPs completing the module to date, as well as 40 practice...

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Optimal Obesity Measurements to Determine Cardiometabolic Risk

Researchers for UCC studying “Oprimal Central Obesity Measurement Site for Assessing Cardiometabolic and type 2 Diabetes Risk in Middle-Aged Adults” (Millar SR, 2014) has revealed that the WHO recommended Waist Circumfremce (WC) mesurement for central obersity assessment; which is between the lowest rib and the illiac crest, is not the best method.

After carrying out a crosssectional study of men and women aged between 50 and 69 the researchers discovered a better and easier method for...

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Varadkar & Lynch welcome publication of 2015 HSE National Service PlanD

Press Release Department of Health

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar and Minister for Primary and Social Care Kathleen Lynch have welcomed the publication of the 2015 HSE National Service Plan.

“The Service Plan acknowledges that after many years of significant reductions, there is a modest increase in funding in 2015. It will allow for Programme for Government commitments to be met including extension of BreastCheck and GP Care without fees for the oldest and youngest in society, the u...

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DHSSPSNI has published the first results of its Health Survey Northern Ireland 2013/14 Report

The Health Survey Northern Ireland is conducted annually and covers a wide range of health topics.  The report from the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Northern Ireland (DHSSPSNI) provides an interesting range of statistics on key areas relating to general health, mental health and wellbeing, diet and nutrition, physical activity, obesity, smoking, drinking and sexual health.


The DHSSPSNI press release is available to view here

Access the full re...

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How healthy are Irish people? New Healthy Ireland survey will find out

Press Release Department of Health

The Department of Health and Healthy Ireland have launched a major nationwide survey to find out: just how healthy are Irish people?

More than 10,000 households have been randomly selected for the nationwide survey which is designed to provide vital data on the state of the nation’s health.  It will start in the coming weeks and results should be available as early as April or May 2015.

The Healthy Ireland survey will provide a snapshot...

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Varadkar confirms Nutrition Action Plan for Ireland as WHO re-commits to address global hunger

Press Release Department of Health

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has told the Second International Conference on Nutrition that his Department will start work on a National Nutrition Action Plan in order to improve diet, health and wellbeing among Irish people.

Minister Varadkar also welcomed the Conference’s endorsement of the Rome Declaration on Nutrition which commits countries to eradicate hunger and malnutrition worldwide. The Declaration addresses under-nutrition in children,...

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